• CDJP2B4-10D-M9BVS-smc

    SMC CDJP2B4-10D-B 020

    Available in four bore size options, series CJP2 includes a tiny, but powerful, 4mm bore size option making it the smallest double acting pin cylinder around 6, 10 and 16mm bore sizes complete the range, all featuring extruded aluminium bodies, making them not only compact, but extremely lightweight Series CJP2 is auto switch capable and other options include rubber bumper cushions and made to order models including both heat and cold resistant types. Mounting possibilities include basic/panel, flange, foot, clevis and trunnion options.

    The body material has been changed from brass to aluminum, achieving impressive weight reduction.
    The overall length of the cylinder has been reduced resulting in an extremely compact cylinder.
    Solid state auto-switches can also be mounted now.
    Longer stroke options are now available.
    Internal rubber bumpers provide quieter operation and longer life (up to 5 million cycles).

  • SMC CUJS16-10DM

    The CUJ miniature free mount series is a space-saving compact cylinder. It is available in 4mm to 10mm bore sizes with stroke lengths up to 20mm for double acting and 10mm for single acting. Options include auto-switch capabilities, double and single acting, mounting from 4 directions.

    Miniature free mount
    Space saving compact cylinder
    Available in 4mm to 10mm bore size

  • SMC MXY8-100C

    Seria MXY este un tip de cursă lungă a seriei MXP. Modelul MXY este dotat cu un cilindru cuplat magnetic fără brăzdare. Integrat cu un ghidaj liniar, modelul MXY oferă un design rigid, compact și ușor.

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